Thursday, November 20, 2008

It's UM-OSU-OCD Time

Every year at this time it's the same thing. The two camps:

Fans of the Ohio State University from the blue state of Ohio:

Fans of the University of Michigan from the People's Republic of Ann Arbor:

And so our local general store stocks up because, friends, around here these items are recession-proof.

We have these for the Joe Six Packs:

And these for the Joe Six Packs not on carb-restricted diets:

who dare to their eat corn chips in disposable plastic during this Green Revolution:

along with their grilled red meat:

by grillers who demand to be comfy while standing around missing the best plays:

and who are sticklers for cleaning up afterwards (if not too drunk):

And for the tail-gaters there's these:

And these for the tail-gaters in denial of our Midwest weather:

For the frat house boys concerned with decor:

And something for the kids and geek collectors among us:

And something for the medical professional:

And the medical professional trying to score Power of Pink points:

And something for those struggling to keep up with the Jones' outdoor decor:

And of course, there's this for those wish to compensate for the size of their members:

Since we live on the border of the two states, we are a house divided.

Most of us are Ohio State fans. But the youngest among us has been devoted to Michigan since he was a mere four years old.

You may wonder the reason.

It's simple.

His name is Michael.

And Michael, like Michigan, begins with the letter "M".

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Anonymous said...

Cute kid. Who's he look like?

A Free Man said...

Too bad that it just doesn't matter this year since one of the teams is really, really bad.

Anonymous said...

As a Penn State fan, I shouldn't even be looking at this post. ;)

for a different kind of girl said...

Good lord. "Extreme" doesn't even seem like a strong enough word!

Chris Wood said...

No shortage of merchandise then!

Suzie said...

Hmm this is a sports thing isnt it? Im lost

ML said...

It's like that here with Clemson and University of South Carolina. You can get the logo on anything.


OHmommy said...

Oh dear Lord that is so funny you posted this today.

I went to recess today to help out and 1/2 the kids were decked out in OSU gear. LOL!!!!

Shonda Little said...

I love any lady who posts photos of beer on her blog.

JD at I Do Things said...

Michael's reasoning behind his choice for favorite team seems very similar to mine: I go for favorite color combo.

I want those pink scrubs!

JD I Do Things

Anndi said...

Who doesn't like Pez... really. That's unamerican, no?

Vodka Mom said...

sorry about the game........I was SO hoping Michigan would win...

My eyes hurt from looking at all that Buckeye shit.

Arpeggio Andy said...

On the opposite side of Ohio we have a similar problem during basketball season. There's an excessive amount of UK and UC crap in the stores. Them UK fans are nuts.

For Myself said...

Gotta love true passion. Even if it's for colllege ball.

Kirsten said...

Okay! I used to be an Ohio State fan until I saw that cute little Michael in the Michigan jersey!

Sully Sullivan said...

Yikes, you Americans and your college ball. I haven't watched NCAA football in a few years but I do know that I have always hated the Buckeyes. Sorry.

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Um... up here in the People's Republic our colors are blue... but we do have some green merchandise for sale, too.

Red... not so much. ;-)

Anonymous said...

As a ND fan... I too shouldnt be looking at this post.

But Meg, you make me laugh!

Love the scrubs. I hope u put those in there just for me ! lol.