Thursday, October 9, 2008

Meg, Coming Up From Behind

You may have noticed some fellow humor bloggers such as The Angry Seafood Dude and That Don Lewis Dude have announced their run in this year's presidential race.  Not to mention the write-in campaign by Rickey Henderson.

Being the Feminist that I am--that is the plunging neckline kind who wants true equality of the gender parts shown on TV, I cannot and will not sit quietly and let a woman who uses phrases such as Joe Six Pack present a negative image of our country to the world.

MILF or no MILF, we all don't drink cheap beer. And that's the truth.

Thus, I, Meg Cypher, have decided to enter the race.

And not surprisingly

because I know people,

because I visit chat rooms,

because I have a certain celebrity obsession in common with a particular talk show host
and news anchor at channel 3,

my campaign has taken off.

Don't buy it? Click this link here.   

And then vote for me at this one.


A Free Man said...

You know, I like you a lot, but I think I'll stick with Obama. ;)

Chris C said...

hehe I'm the Angry Seafood dude! I can't speak for Don but John I can. Bring it on he says!

for a different kind of girl said...

You are a maverick.

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

You've got my vote as long as you don't wink.

Suzie said...

Youve got my vote too and some interesting google searches with that postings title

Rickey Henderson said...

bah, you forgot to mention Rickey's campaign to Write in Rickey!

Chris Wood said...

If you achieve high office, any chance of having Simon Cowell killed?

Ah go on ...

Blogget Jones said...

I'll vote for you. I hate this election. Until now :o)


Deb said...

Can I get a Meg poster to put in my front yard?

Until you threw your hat in the ring, I was voting for Nut Job, my dog.

JD at I Do Things said...

It's already been said here, but you've got my vote as long as you don't wink at me.

JD at I Do Things

Matt said...

Hmmm...who is your running mate??