Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sarah Palin is VP

Or Vetted Poorly.

It’s difficult to believe that Republicans chose a VP candidate who apparently can’t keep her own house in order, let alone the White House.

Yes, Sarah Palin, McCain’s running mate or running MILF...

announced Monday that her 17-year old daughter has been knocked up. The father is bad boy Hockey Hunk, Levi Johnston, who describes himself on his defunct MySpace as a ‘f-ing redneck’.

F-ing Redneck.

Those might be the most honest words uttered to date in this convention.

Of course Palin will stick by her daughter, who plans to wed Hunk by Christmas. This gives shot-gun wedding a new meaning when it’s the Alaskan Sports Mom Running for VP holding the shotgun.

The Republican spin: "Life happens!"

Yes, life happened to Barack Obama’s mom, too. But at least she wasn’t promoting abstinence in place of a well-protected romp in the snow.

But really, that’s not what bothers me the most about McCain's choice.

No, it’s not the names of Palin's kids: Bristol, Piper, Track, Willow, and Trig—cause it’s about time somebody took the focus off of Moon Unit Zappa.

It’s her inexperience. When vetted by the Republicans, Palin asked what it is exactly that the VP does.

Bill Maher tells it the best:

And if you skipped the video, because you can't wait to vote for this post at Humor-Blogs, here’s Maher's answer to that question:

"They start wars, enrich friends, subvert the constitution and shoot people in the face."

And while you're checking out Humor-Blogs, here's another to visit: Levi Johnston - Go WHS Warriors!


Ms Picket To You said...

I've been waiting for someone to notice all those ridiculous names.

And also: BLISTER IN THE SUN!!!!

Jen said...

Ok, I just love that bumper sticker. Hilarious! I'm not even a Bill Maher fan, but what he says is so true. What an odd pick!

Chris Wood said...

Great post (esp. the bumper sticker - politics based on sex appeal? Things could get ugly!). The Bill Maher clip is great, but Bill Hicks had that type of material down better than anyone! Ever!

Anonymous said...

Any respect I had for McCain is now dead.

Chat Blanc said...

what are the odds that Trig is short for Trigger? :P

Jenn Thorson said...

This is going to be a long, strange campaign season, methinks... :)


Let's set all the scandal aside. So what if her daughter is pregnant and not married. There's been a lot bigger monkey business that's gone on, on the Hill and we both know it.

The scarier part about all of this is her total political experience.

McCain is like 300 years old. There's a big chance he might bite the bullet in office and then guess who's left running our country.

Now granted -- it can't get much worse than it already is, but come on, she has very little political experience. She's not ready.

Others would say Obama doesn't have much more experience, however, I think in this race it's the lesser of two evils.

And really the VP is a bauble head. Unless a President keels over, is removed from office, or is ill.

Meg said...

Ms.Picket - Yeah Violent Femmes!

Jen - Yeah Bill Maher!

Chrsi - Yeah British accents!

Jersey Girl - Yeah The Dead!

Chat Blanc - Yeah gun control!

Jenn - Yeah redheads!

IIdlyyckma- How do you pronounce that?

Anndi said...

I'm stuck home with a stomach flu and of course it just HAD to be during the Republican snoozefest.

The woman has a pregnant daughter. Ok. A pregnant teenage daughter. OK. An unmarried pregnant teenage daughter. OK. I can relate. There are unwed teenage mothers all across America. My boyfriend's daughter has just gone for her GED after spending the first three years of her little boy's life (he has a NORMAL name TYVM...) raising him without the deadbeat spermdonor.

But we're supposed to applaud the "she'll keep the kid" decision and ignore that evangelicals are not making mention of the fact that her child didn't abstain.... isn't that they're big commandment?


Anyone else think picking her was a PR ploy?

Shelley said...

I think picking her was supposed get all us wimmin to vote for McCain. Because assuming I'm all upset about the Hillary thing, the menfolk over at the RNC are thinking..."Hey...she has a vajayjay, and so do they! They'll vote for her!" Because that's totally how I base my vote. Too bad for them I'm an Obama chick. ;)

Thanks for stopping by my blog, Meg!

Jinksy said...

Considering McCain's recent history with extra-marital bliss, should we be surprised that he wants a MILF by his side on the campaign trail?

And if the movie Juno can get Oscar nominations, Miss Palin's bastard child can probably win her mom a few votes as well.

JD at I Do Things said...

Poor Palin kids. Trig? What the . . . ?

Bill Maher rules.

JD at I Do Things

Meg said...

Anndi - A huge PR play. Let's hope if McCain wins, he doesn't die in office.

Shelley - I got a vajayjay, too. But, like you, I think with my head.

Jinksy - Don't be hating on Juno. ;)

JD - Totally. But Bill Hicks? Who's he?

Anndi said...

Shelley - I got a vajayjay, too. But, like you, I think with my head.

Meg - the men in McCain's camp were thinking with their "heads" too *snarf!

April said...

A friend of mine, in a bitch session about Palin, made the comment, "she's not even that hot!"

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

C's comments on Palin's speech last night:

Does that mean all pitbulls have vajayjays? (Although he used the real word)

And does that mean she has the policy understanding of a pitbull?

I love my boy.

Always Home and Uncool said...

Can't wait for the family values attack on Obama by these creeps, uh, Republicans

loosecannon said...

Nice! We at the RUFKM Army love the bumper sticker. For more related tomfoolery check out "Are You F--ing Kidding Me? at

Read: "Attack of the SNOW MILF" and smile.
Real Life. Real Shenanigans.

For your efforts, you are getting 2 smiley faces.

A Free Man said...

Or very poor.

Before this, I was trying to be fair minded about the election, trying to convince people with common sense and reasoned, measured arguments. Now I'm just pissed off because the G.O.P. is doing what they ALWAYS do.