Saturday, July 19, 2008

I'm Trying Not To Be Upset About Diesel

linking to Bossy instead of me. I mean, Bossy and I are virtually blogosphere twins. We both blog about John Cusack, which sounds more kinky than it is, really. We both blog about our hair. So help me understand. Is it my Lloyd Dobler finger puppet you don’t like?

Is it my bangs you’re afraid of?

Seriously Diesel, the only difference between us is that Bossy blogs about construction workers eating lunch on her lawn, and I blog about my French exchange student who diets. Do you have something against the French? Or diets?

Or is it me? My blogging about beer? My not blogging about beer? My couchsurfing? My Hamell stalking? My Jeff Tweedy? My Cher doll?

Dude, is it Ringo?

Or maybe it’s because JD does things for me, which sounds more kinky than it is, really.

Or maybe it’s because I keep posting this photo, which seems more kinky than it is, really.

Is it because I gave that award to Brent and not to you? Cause dude, I’ve got something even better in store for you. And by in store here, I mean in my Etsy shop.

That’s right. In order to get into your good graces I have named a pair of earrings after you: Diesel Dangly Earrings. They’re fun and flirty just like me, just like Bossy. But you won’t find them on Bossy’s site. They are a Meg exclusive.

And wait…there’s more:

I’ll also be hosting my first caption contest soon with the prize being your book, Antisocial Commentary. That is, after I win the book from you first--which means I’ll have to actually enter your caption contests, which I will--once I finish my video, Meg Loves Diesel.

Call me a whore, it wouldn't be the first time I've heard that. And “to get into your good graces” sounds kinky and is intended to.

You can vote for this post at Humor-Blogs where there is a lot more behind the scenes drama than you might think. Unless, of course, you hate my bangs too.


JD at I Do Things said...

Don't be fooled, readers. It is most definitely kinky.

Awesome John Cusack puppet.

JD at I Do Things


I got a linkie on Diesel's blog this week!!!

And then I was so busy I totally failed at the assignment issued me by our humor-blogs overlord.

I'm special though. I BOUGHT his book.

Anonymous said...

The Great One has yet to comment on my blog so don't feel bad. I've given him links and everything, but does he care? Lord, High and Mighty of Humor-Blogs? Nooooo, he doesn't care and he calls himself a Christian. :)

Maybe if I made him a special fish insignia for his car, then I'd be "in."

ksd said...

Diesel??? Who the heck is Diesel??? JK -- I know -- he's the Humor Blog ruler -- but hey -- when you're the ruler -- you can piss people off and they come back for more! Who cares....

jt said...

Who is diesel? I followed links all over the place trying to figure that 1 out. I wouldn't say it's a loss though, him not linking you. Obviously, you've had much better luck with the stalking then he has.

Bee said...

You know what I do when I'm blue? I dye my hair with blodd red streaks. It totally helps!

Jen said...

Stop making jewelry right now and start making John Cusack finger puppets. I want one!!

curlylocks said...

Okay--I admit I have no clue who or what diesel is except that it is fuel that costs way to much!
And NOO don't stop making jewelry, as one blogger suggests-you have an amazing gift (which I am proud to have been a recipient of several times!!)
I clicked the links--as as always learning something new and interesting from you--you make my little world bigger and better--for that I will always call you friend!

Glad you've shifted away from the beer blogging--I was 12 steps short of an intervention plan.

Suzie said...

That is the best I mean best finger pupet Ive ever seen. Amazing!

Meg said...

JD - shhh.

ElasticLady - I may need to borrow that book.

Unfinished - You obviously take rejection better than I do.

Ksd - I'm not pissed. I'm blue.

JT - Yes. He's probably a jealous Christian.

Bee - My hair is red. I'd have to try neon green.

Jen and Suzie - It is amazing. Sorry to say I didn't make it.

Curlylocks - Thanks for your comment on my jewelry. There may be lots more coming your way as I go into the finger puppet business.

BOSSY said...

Greatest Cusack puppet in the history of Cusackian puppets!

Jonny's Mommy said...

It's OK. He doesn't like me either. He never links to me...but really I think it is because I write a sappy mommy blog.

I'm humor is just silly stuff. His is much more hard hitting.

Don't worry, eventually you will be cool like Bossy! :-) I think you already are!

Jonny's Mommy said...

"Our Humor-Blogs Overlord"

Oh. Oh. That is so funny!

Momo Fali said...

Even the earrings are kinky and bondage-like. You have more problems than I originally thought. Must be why I like you so much.

Meg said...

Bossy - I love you, but you can't have it.

Jonny's Mommy - I think our Humor-Blogs Overlord needs a bit of silly, don't you.

Momo Fali - "Kinky and Bondage-like" Thank you--you just gave me the name of a new line of jewelry.

Diesel said...

Geez, and how bad do I feel now, having taken this long to get over here? And has Bossy even taken the time to drop by my place? Nooooo. I feel as if I have made a horrible mistake.

Meg said...

Diesel - Bossy and I -- attached at the hip.

Adriane said...

I think we are bang twins.

Seriously. I am sooo subscribing.

Stephanie M said...

I am in love with the LD finger puppet - PLEASE tell me where you found it so I can buy one for me and everyone I know.