Friday, July 18, 2008

How Do You Say 'I Suck' In French?

Teen is away at Christian camp for the week (he only joined Young Life for the pizza parties) and that means not only am I in charge of cooking for our French exchange student, Sacha, but I’m also chief social director.

Failed Outing 1 – I drive 35 minutes to the beach and no one gets in the water. So what if you can see a nuclear power plant on the opposite shore?

This is Sacha not wearing a swimsuit. Notice the headphones.

Failed Outing 2 – We take a bike ride along a parks trial and Ten-Year Old gets tired quickly and refuses to continue. It takes us an hour to walk the bikes back home.

Failed Outing 3 – I drive 55 miles to the Ann Arbor Art Fair only to discover the kids don’t like looking at art with 10,000 other people on a 92 degree day. I am certain the Mongolian Barbeque will be a hit. It isn’t. Sacha only eats a small salad, and by small I mean a serving size that actually fits in your palm just like Weight Watchers recommends.

This is Ten-Year Old at the fair in one of the happier moments

Failed Outing 4 – We see the Celtic rock band Seven Nations at a local pub. I look over at Sacha, who is always listening to hip hop through his giant headphones (see above), and notice his fingers plugging his ears. His fingers plugging his ears!!! And the bagpiper hasn’t even started yet!!!

Clearly I need help. Any suggestions?

I also need to maintain my ratings at Humor-Blogs. Please click for me so I can feel good about something in my life.


sista #2 said...

You are seriously screwed.
How much longer is he there?


Alice said...

I give you props for doing all the stuff you already did. Umm..can I go with you to see that band? I had never heard of them before, but enjoy what I'm hearing on their site.

Oh - and steal his headphones when he's asleep.

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

Awwwww, poor you!
Have you asked them what they want to do? Is it anything YOU can stand to do as well? Amusement park? Video Arcade? I don't know a lot about what young boys would enjoy (that you can talk about on TV anyway), but adult cultural events are probably not it. It's usually something that risks your life and limb and involves bikini clad girls (depending on how old the boys are). Burger, pizza and hot dogs and chicken nuggets, you know crappy American greasy fatty food and ice cream and cake, not sushi or ahi tuna salad. Do you have a Dave & Busters where you are? Sorry - I'm not really much help.

Manager Mom said...

OK - I clicked. How do I do the humor blogs thingie? I am a technical idiot.

I don't mean to find humor in your pathos but your pictures just perfectly capture the young uns misery...

David said...

Just stay home for a few days and let the guys enjoy the pool. I couldn't be easier.

Meg said...

Sista #2 -- Two weeks to go, but Teen arrived home last night!! Let the Guitar Hero battle begin!!

Alice - Seven Nations rocks. I give you props for going to their site. I would have stalked the lead singer had I been alone.

Nanny Goats -- No Dave and Busters, but there is a Blues festival tonight. I know, I know I'm asking for it.

Manager Mom -- Finding humor in my pathos is how I survive.

David -- We use the neighbor's pool. Sacha said he didn't prefer to swim there because it wasn't clean. I love the way he says 'prefer'.

Anonymous said...

I didn't have French in high school, but after a quick search online, this is what I came up with: Je crains. For you suck, Tu crains. Of course, that could occupy your time with Sacha: how to say insults in French. No offense to Sacha, but isn't that what they're known for: insulting others?

Thanks for the comment over on my blog too. I've read your blog previously...unfortunately, I have a hard time keeping up with everyone, but now I've added you to my Google Reader so I can keep track of your hilarity.

jt said...

OK, first off, the blogging is good, the blogging is always good! But if the phone rings, step away, count to ten, take a deep breath and think about what they are saying before you agree to anything else!
Second, as the proud parent of a 12 year old stepson, the list is as follows: video games, amusement parks, video games, hot girl watching, video games, monster truck rallies, video games, car shows, oh and did I mention video games?


I have a 10 year old son. I can list more places he hates going than enjoys.

Although he's game for anything if I promise to buy him something to eat and some kind of toy.

Anonymous said...

Introduce those kids to drinking.


...and have the French kid deported.

N said...

Meg-I love your blog! Fun stuff and great photos. How did you get that picture of me in my bikini?
Re. It sucks en francais--the best translation would be "C'est nul." (Pronounced "say nuul")
I suck=je suis nul (en + noun); literally, I am zero (in + noun)... Hope that helps. I also hope you don't hear it too often from Sacha!