Sunday, March 30, 2008

Texting, Teens, and Garbage

Does anyone else….

…open the jelly jar and find a wad of peanut butter in it?

…find it odd that according to spell check, peanut butter is two words?

…secretly throw away a soiled clothing item rather than attempt to clean it?

…wonder why Hi and Lois is still in existence?

…have kids who text message from upstairs to ask you a question when you’re downstairs?

…stupidly text back?

Here, in revised format, are my most recent text replies:

To my youngest son -- No, honey, you can’t watch Degrassi 101. Those teen soaps where the kids do drugs, get pregnant, and discover they’re gay are not appropriate for a ten- year old. By the way, is Degrassi on the Nick Toons channel or the N?

To my 12-year old daughter -- Sorry, sweety. I can’t take you to Sephora at the Mall. Remember we were there yesterday and I spent $134.09 at Aeropostale on what, in my day we called underwear. And anyway, when did you stop shopping at Build-A-Bear?

To my 15 1/2-year old -- Darling, I love you. But I can’t take you driving. When you backed out of the driveway yesterday and almost hit that tree, it took more years off my life than when you recently screamed, “why can’t you be like other moms,” after I forgot to order a corsage for the girl you took to the dance.

To my Spousal Unit -- No, I did not get the oil changed. I was too busy ordering kitschy birthday gifts for myself, as there were no gifts, no cake, not even Ben & Jerry’s for me on my special day. And, if you ever ignore my birthday again, I WILL SPLASH YOUR MISDEED ON MY BLOG FOR EVERYONE TO SEE.

p.s. don’t forget tomorrow is garbage day.

And speaking of texting...

the big news here on the Ohio/Michigan border is Detroit Mayor Kilpatrick's text messaging scandal. I'm so glad he's finally admitted his guilt. Check him out on You Tube

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