Thursday, March 27, 2008

Women Who Didn't Make History

My blog is out and the results are in!!

My Spousal Unit (who only read it to see how he comes off) gave it a reluctant ‘good.’ When I pressed him further, he said, “I guess women will like it.”

Some one told me once that the only women who are allowed to be funny are fat, lesbian or Jewish. Think about it.

And we all know that females will read books with male protagonists, but males rarely read books with female protagonists—although they do tune in to Bay Watch.

So in honor, once again of Women’s History Month, I have a song. You’ll have to trust me that it works with the melody I have in my head—kind of like So Long, Farwell from the Sound of Music.

Women Who Didn’t Make History

I’m Clare, a cook. I didn’t have time to write a book.
My name’s I-rene. I got stuck at this sewing machine.
I’m Al-i-son. There’s no prize for my type of me-di-cine (band-aid as prop).
I’m Ma-ry Lee. I spend my days wiping up the pee.

We’re women who didn’t make his-to-ry.
No one’s given us the city key.
We cook, we clean, we take care of men
No time to invent the cotton gin.

My name is Kelly. I’m good at pea-nut butter and jelly.
Hello, I’m Sue. I breastfed my kids, all 22.
My name is May. I do the taxes but not for pay.
My name is Ann. My degree’s in cleaning-up the can.

We’re women who didn’t make his-tor-y.
(Unlike Monica Lew-in-sky).
We’re too busy wiping noses and butts.

If we were men, you’d think we’re nuts.

Here’s a photo of a woman who apparently won’t make history. It’s me, Meg. A self-portrait taken in the giant bean in Millennium Park in Chicago—the only one I have of my new redheaded self where my face doesn’t look puffy.

Stay tuned for my Couchsurfing Chicago story.


About my Spousal Unit….Don’t worry, he’ll lose interest in reading my blog and then my postings WILL get ‘gooddd!!!’


Anonymous said...

You made history in my book!!!

ML said...

I like the red hair !!