Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Stalking Once Removed

While spending a week at Rehoboth beach I bribed my kids to be on the lookout for Jeff Tweedy of Wilco. Be assured they all know what he looks like--every time they open my laptop they are forced to see his beautiful face.

You see, in a few days Tweedy would be performing at the Virgin Music Festival in Baltimore. It seemed likely he might put in some family time at the shore. I mean, wouldn't you knowing what you know about Rehoboth?

Whilst you think this is another one of Meg’s far-fetched notions—yes, Meg has a lot of them--this is who Teen saw in Funland on the Rehoboth boardwalk:

Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters, who was also scheduled for the Virgin Fest. Grohl was spotted, says Teen with a very small boy.

Me the Mom Who Never Lets a Learning Opportunity Escape: Small boy. Ha! See what happens to your children when you lead a life of drugs and debauchery.

Smarta*s Teen: It could be that the kid was small because he was two-years old.

Anyway, no luck with Tweedy.

Clearly as a stalker I SUCK big time. Meaning I have to resort to Stalking Once Removed.

Here is a guy Sister-in-Law The Busy-Body saw on a film location near her small town:

Sister-in-Law The Prudish Critical Busy-Body: Clooney is much smaller in real life and doesn't hold much interest to me anymore.

Me The Healthy Female: But is he small where it counts?

Here is a guy who Dancer Turned Chauffer Driver Friend shuttled around in Toronto:

It's Gael Garcia Bernal, star of Babel and The Motorcycle Diaries and the sexist, I MEAN SEXYIST, where are you Editor Lady when I need you, guy on Earth (except for Tweedy).

Chauffeur Guy: There were about 20 Mexicans in the limo with Bernal all drinking some funky alcohol tequila concoction.

Me The Non-Judgemental: And you didn't call me?

Here is a singer that Sister-in-Law The Show Off’s Brother’s family begged to pose with them.

Yes, I am so pathetic that I Stalk Twice Removed. I do not know these people, in fact, I hardly know Fergie:

Me The Cultural Bafoon: Isn't Fergie that Weight Watcher Princess Lady? She looks pretty good.

Sister-in-Law The Prudish Accountant: How many have you had?

Of course, I didn’t always suck. When I was younger my friend and I saw THIS GUY through a restaurant window in Toronto. We waited and waited and were finally rewarded.

Me the Excited Healthy Teen: I can't believe we recognized him without his makeup.

My Mom Who Loves To Rub Stuff In: I can't believe you made me go up and ask to take his picture.

But I'm going back to Toronto this September for the Toronto International Film Festival. Anyone along the way is welcome to stalk with me or at least meet me for a drink or three.


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Jen said...

So are you going to the Toronto Film Festival with the sole intention of stalking or did this trip have another purpose? I'd so love to join you!

April said...

LOL - you've now started a rumor that Gael Garcia Bernal is sexist :)

Meg said...

Jen; I'm going for the films, of course. No. Really.

April: Que? I think it's more that he's a party animal.

Keeper Of All Things said...

Really funny ...I'd vote on humor blog but i can't it won't let me!!!
I think i have to pledge firstborn or something

Anonymous said...

George Clooney is teeny like a hobbit!

That's so cool.Great post.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure that's Dave Grohl? The picture's a little fuzzy. Not that I don't believe you and your Teen. I'm just sayin'. ;)

Meg said...

Keeper: You have to sign up. It's free and easy. But addicting.

S Dan and Unfinis...: Is no one impressed I had my picture take with ALICE COOPER?????

just a girl... said...

lol I love wilco, being in austin I seen them a bunch of times.

for a different kind of girl said...

Mmmmm...I want to get up on some Dave Grohl in the most impolite ways. Next time you see him, if you should be so lucky, snare him in a net and mail him off to me, k? Thanks!

sista #2 said...

I would have thought George to be a large man...if you catch my drift. Had no clue he was a wee fella.

ALice Cooper scares me.
I once saw Rick Springfield on the streets of Philadelphia. That is about as stalkie as I get.

My mom was flying home from Arizona. She told me that there were these handsome young men who were sitting, talking to her at the airport.

She ask the one young man why are all those girls are screaming ?? She ask who they

She proceeds to tell me they were and I quote "In the Sink".
LOL Nan was a freaking riot.


curlylocks said...

so what is it about these guys you love to stalk? Is it there eyebrows?

Love the nominclature

Alice said...

Good luck stalking in Toronto. You sure do get around.

ps. I got the weird pin-hole glasses thing too. Deleted it. Very strange.

pss. I loved the bacon bandaids from your previous post. And the Mary toast thing. You should sell some Mary toast on EBay.

ML said...

I forgot to tell you that I saw Jake Gyllenhal and Reese Witherspoon in Charleston SC. They walked right by us on the sidewalk. Now he is Tall !!! and good looking ! Didn't get a good look at Reese, I was to busy looking at Jake.

From the busy body sister in law

damon said...

So you weren't kidding when you said you were a stalker! Now I have to move -- again.

I didn't pin that last stalkee as Alice Cooper. I first thought it was Peter Criss from Kiss.
Guys with make-up confuse me.

Julie in Houston said...

Dang...that's a lot of celeb sightings! The most famous person I've ever met/seen is John Cena. He's a wrestler for WWE.

Wow...that seems so lame compared to yours. :)

first visit to your blog, thought I'd say HI!

Anonymous said...

I thought of you:

"Thunder" controversy CNN LOS ANGELES – A judge says a woman accused of stalking John Cusack is competent to stand trial, but cannot represent herself.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Susan M. Speer made her ruling Wednesday afternoon based on a psychiatrist's evaluation of Emily Leatherman. The 33-year old was arrested earlier this year outside of the actor's home.

The judge made his ruling based on the recommendation of a court-appointed psychiatrist who evaluated Leatherman and said she was "delusional" and "paranoid."

Leatherman sobbed in court and repeatedly talked over Speer, prompting the judge to issue her several warnings. The judge appointed an attorney to represent Leatherman during her trial, which she says can begin Sept. 9.

Chat Blanc (aka Sandy) said...

does this mean I can consider myself a stalker twice and three times removed? that's okay by me cuz I still think that's the closest I've ever been!

Meg said...


First I got depressed cause I read the interview with Woody Allen in Newsweek.

Then I got depressed because I visited my mom and we talked how all the kids I grew up with are now drug addicts.

Afterwards, I went to TJ Maxx and got depressed because none of the teeny bopper-type clothes I love fit me.

Then I find out that Sister-in-Law the Showoff has seen Jake Gyllenhal.

And then I thought, WTF, I gave Damon those Bacon Bandaids and he doesn't even vote for my post.

Now some anonymous asshat who obviously knows my Cusack Hobby is leaving this sh*t on my blog.

Do you guys wonder why I drink?

OK. Sorry about that. Obviously I should Twitter or Plurk or something.

Meg said...

And then I find out Unfinished Dude doesn't love me.

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

load up on those little spy cameras from the back of comic books before the Film Fest.

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

"Isn't Fergie that Weight Watcher Princess Lady?


good one.

Alice said...

Thanks for the posting advice. The delay has been killing me!

Bee said...

So who IS that guy in the last picture?

My brother's step daughter saw Screech at the Bristol Renaissance Fair. He was soo happy he was recognized he followed them around for a little while. Weird.

Suzie said...

Your stalking seems to have paid off maybe I should try it. Has anyone seen David Bowie around?

Meg said...

IT'S ALICE COOPER!!! Meg and Alice Cooper.

And I meant to say that Bernal is the SEXYIST guy, not sexist.

So, April your comment makes sense now.

I have spelling issues as documented in my previous blog posts.

Jonny's Mommy said...

Well you've had more brushes than I have. I met an ex-president (Ford) and Sam Donaldson. Yeah, so I got nuthin' really.

I don't know how you recognized what's-his-face either. Yikes.Scary. With or without make up.

just a girl... said...

DONE! see I am helping you helping me helping you. LOL

Sully Sullivan said...

You should have a pretty good stalk-visit in Toronto for the TIFF. There's always someone being spotted downtown when that thing is going on.

Dorky Dad said...

You don't suck at stalking. You just need practice. Lots and lots of practice. That's how I got good at it.