Friday, August 1, 2008

My First Caption Contest, Yeah!

In my continuing effort to be hip I was going to blog about man boobs, but that's been done to death. And by "death" I mean my own if I see any more of them.

I then considered doing something from the Urban Dictionary, but terms like 'a big red' have no place on a family blog written by a redhead.

Next I decided to host my first caption contest. But then I thought, OMG what if I host a caption contest and nobody comes? How uncool would that be. Can I risk it?

But seeing as how the alternative would be revealing more dysfunction in my household, I thought WTF I'll do it. I mean, everybody's doing it.

First a Disclaimer:

While other bloggers were apparently brushing up on their PhotoShop, I was probably watching Grosse Pointe Blank for the 13th time.

Another Disclaimer:

While other bloggers were learning how to add those cool voting widgets to their sites, I was probably watching High Fidelity for the 19th and 1/2 time (the 1/2 time is an experience I do not care to share at this time).

I'm hoping there is no Blogger Patrol out there because:

1) I will have to use a plain old photo

2) I will have to decide the winner of the best caption myself (and because these things make me extremely nervous, I'll have to drink a pint or two).

But there's good news: Prizes!!!

First prize is Diesel's book, Antisocial Commentary. That is, after I win one first. In the event I don't win one, the first prize is these Dandy Diesel Daisy earrings.

Now I realize that someone with man boobs might not go for daisies so I'm also giving away this:

A 12" collector series Xena Warrior Princess doll as seen on the popular television series. NIB!!!

Here's the photo. Enter your caption in the comments. And please don't leave me hanging here because then I would truly have to go back to blogging about beer.

You can vote for this post at Humor-Blogs and meet way cooler folks than me.


Suzie said...


Sunny meets his illegitimate love child and his Siamese twin.

Now we know what caused the Saturday night fever.

If I win no earings please I'm way too butch.

Arpeggio Andy said...

Hey whats wrong with blogging about beer? I am on my 16th consecutive post about beer.

I am the worlds worst caption writer, but I will give it try.

Ms Picket To You said...

"He's mine!" "No, he's mine!"

Holy Crappers said...

I want to participate but i have no clue who the other man is.
Sonny, Michael and ????



Lilacspecs said...

LOLMichael sez: i can haz littel boyz now? kthnxbai!

blah said...

"I got you, babe."
"No, I got you, babe."
"Fellas, please! I'm a lover not a fighter!"

Poo. I suck. Cool picture tho!

JD at I Do Things

damon said...

a tree hugger,
a boy mugger,
and a Potzie slugger.

Chat Blanc (aka Sandy) said...

okay, I've got nothin. I'm just here laughing at damon's caption! love it!

Stephanie M said...

Sunny and the 6 million dollar man risk prison fighting over Michael Jackson's red Never Land jacket.

ps. I LOVE Gross Point Blank.

Anonymous said...

It's not just manboobs, you know. It's "womanboobs"'s mammaries in general that are being written about too much. And this coming from me who wrote about it too, but it's true.

Re: Grosse Point Blank. Finally just saw it the other night. The Wife loves John Cusack and I admit I'm becoming a little enamored of him myself. ;)

Re: Caption contest. I'll get back to you. It's late, and my mind's not right, although this would seem to be the perfect time, but I'm blanking on Sonny Bono jokes. However, I really want that Xena doll, because I "dig" Lucy Lawless (I'm a guy, what can I say?)

Re: use of Re. It's been done to death in this comment.

Alice said...

OMG - the dolls! And Xena. Must win Xena.

FYI - you're hip in my book. You go out and listen to bands I don't know and sleep in homes with strange folks you've never met before. So I guess you're hip AND brave.

Be right back with a caption.

Alice said...'s too early and my coffee isn't in the blood yet. The best I can think of is:

"Group hug!"

Lame. I'll be back with something else later on.

blah said...

That's Fonzie?

I thought it was Lee Majors . . .

JD at I Do Things

Anonymous said...

You are one of the few that can make me laugh out loud. Love it!

Beau Horner said...

"Michael, The Great Fonz says I'm going to ski my life away, and you'll affect the lives of children all over the world."


for a different kind of girl said...

My attempt, in the style of VH1's 'Behind the Music':

During a secret meeting meant to resurrect all their careers, Sonny Bono pitches a song to penned by The Fonz to Michael Jackson entitled "I Got You B-ayyyyyy!-be". Alas, the song never charted in the U.S., and the career of all three men jumped the shark.

AoE said...

Sonny: "I want to beat it!"
Fonz: "No, I want to beat it!"

JT said...

My ass first!

Wow, that is really bad. Hmm, how about ....

No I saw Thriller first!

Damn, I suck. And not well at the moment. But I really want Xena!

Anonymous said...

"That MINE"


"No.. Its mine you fucking theives"

blah said...

Why am I signed in as "blah"?

First my Feedburner Stats, now this?



JD at I Do Things

And I am just now realizing how badly I want that Xena doll.

Drowsey Monkey said...

I'm not good at captions. But why is the 6 million dollar man so much smaller than micheal jackson? And was gene simmon's tong out the last time i was here? LOL

Arpeggio Andy said...

Fonze: "Hey Sonny, guess where my other thumb is."

JT said...

Xena gave me the idea! LOL!

Hey Mikey, What Xena do if she had her hands on you?

mac daniels said...

Mr Winkler: Say "uncle," you little white bitch!

Mr Jackson: Oooh! The man in the mirror is getting assaulted.

Mr Bono: C'mon Michael, I know where there's a great double black diamond that'll get your mind off that violent Fonzie dude.

sista #2 said...

Still confused....fonzie or 6 million dollar man?

humina humina


paullwolborsky said...

Michael, El-Ron has chosen you to be his bride and the mother of his Spawn who will someday rule the Earth.