Monday, May 26, 2008

Groupie or Stalker? You Decide

At the risk of not revealing too much I found out that when Colin Farrell’s in town for the Toronto film festival he goes to Hemingway’s for a drink. What a coincidence! I go there too when I’m in town for the festival. And I am in town every September (but mainly to run into John Cusack).

So I parked myself at the bar in Hemingway’s and waited and waited and waited (and accidentally learned all about hockey while waiting). Colin was a no show. Newspapers reported he got a little bogged down with picking up a homeless guy and finding him an apartment.

Friggin’ homeless guy.

And then I ate at a restaurant in Malibu where John Cusack reportedly sits at the counter eating his avocado eggroll. After a no-show, I hopped over to the nearby drugstore. I figured he'd have to buy toothpaste sometime. I waited and waited and waited (and accidentally counted 34 different brands of toothpaste among countless whitening and breathe refreshing products). Turns out John was in Chicago visiting the family.

Friggin' Cusack family.

So I couch surfed in Chicago—but not to run into John. I was there for the real guy in my life - Jeff Tweedy (and yes, for a harried with children chick I do get around). Last February I bought a scalper’s ticket on eBay (after seeing this guy twice in the last 6 months) because I love Jeff Tweedy. I mean, I LOVE JEFF TWEEDY. My life’s motto: WWJTD.

And who is Jeff Tweedy? This, Internets, is Jeff Tweedy:

And hang in there for Nels Cline's fabulous whammy guitar stuff.

Muzzle of Bees

There's a random painted highway
And a muzzle of bees
My sleeves have come unstitched
From climbing your tree

And dogs laugh, some say they're barking
I don't think they're mean
Some people get so frightened
Of the fences in between

And the sun gets passed from tree to tree
Silently, and back to me
With the breeze blown through
Pushed up against the sea
Finally back to me

I'm assuming you got my message
On your machine
I'm assuming you love me
And you know what that means

Sun gets passed, sea to sea
Silently, and back to me
With the breeze blown through
Pushed up above the leaves

With the breeze blown through
My head upon your knee
Half of it's you, half is me
Half of it's you, half is me

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April said...

You're stalking the wrong kind of guys - you know, nice ones who care about other people! Actually, I think you're more of a groupie. I just don't know how to turn groupie into a verb.

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

What a great song. I haven't heard much Wilco.

I think I'm all about Robert Downey Jr. these days.

Actually, I think I was always all about him.

It's always nice to have our boy toys as married moms. ;-)

Lilacspecs said...

John Cusack, good pick.
Colin Farrel, hot but I haven't heard nice things about him.

Jake Gylinhall? Mine! All mine! With a side of Johnny Depp.

And I quite possibly misspelled every single name I just listed which means I don't know enough about any of them to be considered a stalker.

Or maybe I'm just a little sleepy.

Mariposa said...

Oh my, now I have to share John with you! Love the song! Enoyed reading this post...thanks for the smile!

Have a great week!

Alice said...

OK - ever since I read a rumor about Cusack being into sniffing armpits, I can't look at him the same. Ewww...

Cruise Mom said...

I prefer groupie.

This is one thing I love about blogs - exploring music, books etc. I would be unlikely to find on my own. Thanks for the intro to Wilco!

Jinksy said...

I found a good way to tell the difference between groupie and stalker.

A groupie asks for a guitar pick or drumstick after the concert is over with.

A stalker collects leftover hair and places it in a ziploc baggie.

Which one are you?

BarnGoddess said...

John Cusack = yummy!

Meg said...

Good morning beautiful!
Your posts always make me smile! Thanks for the intro to Jeff Tweedy!

Sue said...

Colin may have been there and you didn't recognize him because he's SO SKINNY!!! (have u seen the pics???!!!!!!)

I have a WWJJD T-shirt. (What Would Joan Jett Do)

CableGirl said...

Hey man, some types of stalking are perfectly harmless. lol

Ms Picket To You said...

As you know.... I can't find the words to express my insane jealousy and ALL CAPS just doesn't do it.

God. Crap.

Can we PUHLEEZE be neighbors?

Sob. Sigh. Sob. Jeffff Tweeeeeedy?!?!?

insane mama said...

I'm going with stalker, it's a bit sexier and mysterious

TroubleX2 said...

John Cusack sniffing armpits??? I am definitely not reaading other people's comments anymore! That ruined my image of him. And he WAS so so sexy..

Love your blog. Ur fantasy lives are so yummirific dreamy :)