Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Am I an Unfit Mom?

In my last post, the most recent in almost two years, I felt the need to disclose that I was having a bad year.  I don't mean to continue with that kind of downer theme, but yesterday I was told that I'm unfit. 

Me, Meg?  It was all I could do not to yell at the 26 year-old trainer who consumes 4000-8000 calories a day 'cause his job is to work out all the time and make the rest of us look bad, "Unfit? I can substitue teach 2nd graders with a hangover like no one else in Northwest Ohio."

I said nothing.  Because he was cute.

My daughter had the brilliant idea for us to join a gym and get a personal trainer.  After a consultation in which we were below average in squats and lunges and above average in the mass body fat index (a number I cannot disclose because there are some things not meant to be floating around the internet), it was confirmed that I was out of shape--or at least a desirable shape. 

I began to think that just maybe this hottie could help this mom be un-unfit. Until he came back with the numbers. 

Even after cutting the price in half, even after consulting his manager for a better promotion, even after throwing in nutrition counseling and stowe and go seating, I realized having a personal traniner takes personal finances. And I'm super unfit in that area.

I  purchased the standard model for now--until I become an un-substitue teacher.  Would that be a superior teacher?

Anyway, because my last post dealt with the double-edged sword of writing and my need to be honest, I must confess:  I've never subbed 2nd graders with a hangover.  I've only subbed high school students.  In truth, I'm  afraid of the little ones. 

So if you have any tips on fitness or classroom management, I'm in need.


Nuke Girl said...

How ironic, I was just ranting about the same thing (from a different point of view)... it must be that time of the year or something.

Unfortunately, I have no good tips on fitness or managing high-schoolers at the moment, but if you get any, please pass them along!

Jeff said...

I often think i would have been a good teacher of small children... as for the gym, I go but have never used a personal trainer, no tips. This is Sage posting from his other blog...