Monday, May 4, 2009

Blog Behind The Blog

That's what I need, it seems.  

In response to my recent post with the Big A story--no, not agnosticism (1). I haven't come out of the closet about that yet--a close friend emailed me a sort of be careful/think of the kids message.  

And it's not the first time.  Other friends have cautioned me about diss-ing the spousal unit too much and blogging about beer too much (2).

Damn. Blogging is much easier in my fantasy life.  

Seriously, this writing stuff is hard.  We writers and bloggers are putting ourselves out there anyway--why not go all the way sometimes?  I don't want to offend anyone, nor bore them with my whining.  But the let's face it, life is messy sometimes. And whiny, especially if you have PMS.

I love my friends and know they're only looking out for me; they don't want me revealing too much, considering my kids could be reading, the divorce judge, or God forbid, the Catholic nuns whom I'm hoping will hire me as a teacher.  

Plus, they're probably just tired of doing this:

Oh, how I wish I had the courage of Vodka Mom. She calls her daughter Bitchy, you know.

After much thought about my friends' concerns I figure I can do one of the following:

Blame it all on A Free Man who encouraged me to write more honestly.


Include a Blog Behind The Blog with each post.  A behind the scenes/making of a blog post/blogger's cut with extras sort of attachment.

That way readers have two choices as to how much information, detail, cleavage (3) they want to see.  Stay on the main page and never have to worry about seeing the word "fuck" or me calling my daughter Bitchy, for example. Or click the second page link for the rest of the story.

I've chosen the second option--how can I blame A Free Man when he and I soulmates in Tweedy? Not going to happen.

No, I'm going with the Blog Behind The Blog.  

See those numbers above?  They're meant to direct readers to The Back Door Page for the gritty details if they so desire.  So if you so desire, click on The Back Door for the Blog Behind The Blog (playing now--ready to take your clicks).  Or not.

That way, everybody's happy.   

For a while.


If you haven't read My First Time Story aka The Big A Story, scroll down.  

Otherwise, stay tuned for my next life-changing trip to San Francisco.  

If you knew how hard it was to construct this post and its back door, you'd vote for me at Humor-Blogs.


Nooter said...

i dont understand any of it but it did look hard so i voted for you.
am i a good boy?

Chas said...

Very cool idea. I haven't blogged for over a week strictly because I was afraid of my hormones making me look like Godzilla on a Bender. Blog behind the blog is an awesome idea.

Bee said...

Censoring is hard. I was once asked by my hubs to go easy but I told him to whittle but I don't have anything to lose. I'm glad you were able to come up with a compromise.

A Free Man said...

I love a good double entendre.

And hey, if you're writing is as good as it has been on those couple of posts, I'll happily take the blame. I've been blamed for worse.

TwoBusy said...

Wait... we have cleavage options? Nobody told me we have cleavage options.

Matt-Man said...

Do what you must...but one thing. I was crushed when I got to the other and didn't get to see a glimpse of the Promised Land. Cheers Meg!!

Kirsten said...

I can't wait to check out the back door!! BTW, you can never reveal too much!

bernthis said...

the hardest time for me to blog is definitely during my time. I just drag and want nothing to do with life except chocolate. Chocolate can talk to me any time, any where.

Chris Wood said...

Two for one? Not bad, not bad at all.

Suzie said...

You go for it and dont take no guff

Deb said...

Deep. Really deep. Look back only to learn, look ahead only to hope, but live in the moment. Dogs live in the moment. Look how happy they are!

Pearl said...

Jesus Martha but you're a gem.


Loved the Blog Behind the Blog.