Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Where, Oh, Where Did This Hippie Mom Fail Her Kids?

Eleven-year Old to Teen: You can't drive to school today because it's Earth Day.

Teen: So What? I'm driving.

Eleven-year Old: If you drive, I'll kill you.

Teen: Just for saying that, I'm driving TWICE around the block before I park the car.

Kids aside, this Hippie Mom will be doing her part on Earth Day. I won't be planting any trees, but I won't be destroying as many either. Instead of getting my Starbucks fix in their paper cups, I bought this:

Not A Paper Cup is ceramic with a silicone lid. And rest assured, while raising my kids I'll put it to good use by drinking lots of coffee. 

Irish coffee that is.  

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The Retired One said...

Just don't flip your lid!

The Retirement Chronicles

ReformingGeek said...

And the aluminum water bottles work great for rum ;-)


sage said...

I'd say "Go Green" but then everyone around here would think I was promoting Michigan State... The golden rule for the older kid, if you can annoy your younger siblings, do so.

Jerseygirl89 said...

Well, over-population is also an environmental problem. See, you didn't fail with the 11 year old!

A Free Man said...

Very cool, very green. Or white ;)

Chris Wood said...

Just remember, coffee is sacred. Whiskey is very sacred. And Irish coffee is ... good! I just prefer my hooch with ice.

Stickman said...

Have your teen drive around the block a couple more times for me! I like it warm.

Anonymous said...

That reminds me of when my mom's kitchen faucet had a slow leak (drip...drip...) so she kept a pitcher under it. I asked why and she said she was being environmental and was going to use the water on her plants. When I left her house that day I went to the kitchen, turned the faucet to the other sink, and left it on full-blast. I don't think she laughed but I did!