Sunday, January 4, 2009

If I'm a Hippie, I'm a Hi-Tech One

According to the comments on my previous post it seems I am a Hippie because what?

I skinny dip?

I couch surf?

I make my kids walk to school?

OK. OK. That's groovy.

So I guess it won't surprise you that like any Hippie worth their weight in tie dye, I'm going to the Ann Arbor folk festival this month.

Headliners on Saturday are Pete Seager and Kris Kristofferson (hey, remember he wrote "Me and Bobby McGee" and "Help Me Make It Through the Night").

But really, I'M NOT THAT MUCH OF A HIPPIE that I need to see Pete Seeger and the dude forever stamped in my mind as the guy making out with Barbara Striesand.

No. I'm going on Friday night when the headliner is My Jeff Tweedy. Yep, if you've been here before you know that I'm a bit of a Wilcohead. And if you're new around here, meet My Jeff Tweedy:

And I must make a confession. I AM THAT MUCH OF A HIPPIE that I will be participating in the time-honored tradition of showing one's ultimate gratitude for the performance. I mean, it will be Jeff Frickin' Tweedy!

Only instead of a lighter, This Hippie will be using her Teen's I-Pod Touch:

You see, I am nothing if not a WITH IT Hippie.


Stay tuned for This WITH IT Hippie's top ten bloggy crushes

Most of whom can be found at Humor-Blogs.


April said...

Of course, hippie-tech is apple!

Tracey said...

That is a stitch!

And I would love that concert.

I saw Black 47 on your list on your profile! I have never met anyone else who loves them!!! Well, not that I am actually "meeting" you, persay... but you know what I mean.

Have fun at the concert.


Prefers Her Fantasy Life said...

April - Yes, I am totally a MacHippie.

Tracey - Yes, I love the Celtic rock band, Black 47. I am totally a McHippie.

Anonymous said...

Black 47!?! Whoa, and you're subversive too. You're definitely a hippie.

Very cool lighter, except would hippies be into all the high-tech stuff? I figured hippies would be more neo-Luddites than that.

Deb said...

You? A hippie? Not news to me. I've always referred to you as Meg, the Hippie Dippie Blogger Chick!

Gotta go check out Black 47 now.

A Free Man said...

OK, making your kids walk to school is a damn fine idea. That iPod lighter, not so much. Enjoy Wilco, though!

Anonymous said...

Peg: Aren't you too old to continue with this kind of hero worship? Not hippie-like. Not that you're one anyway. How is Neal? From your old pal...?

for a different kind of girl said...

Even if you are a hippy, you can't fight The Man, man!

Chris Wood said...

I still maintain hippies are excellent so, good for you!

Prefers Her Fantasy Life said...

Unfinished - Don't try to put us Hippies into a box. ;) Some of us even dance to funky music.

Deb - Hippie Dippie Blogger Chick--I love it!!

A Free Man - Just wait. Your son will want one when he's four.

Anon - Neil is great, but driving me crazy. So call me and we'll go out, whoever you are.

FADKOG - Still gotta try, though. Just for fun.

Chris - Thanks. So are mystery writers with accents!

Prefers Her Fantasy Life said...


Chris, Unfinished, Deb, Tracey--what does he mean I'M TOO OLD FOR HERO WORSHIP?

I am nothing if not a youthful, passionate Hippie.

Prefers Her Fantasy Life said...

I mean, a girl's gotta have a hobbie, right?

Suzie said...

Wow I dont know if the phone thing i hippy or not ok at least the peace sign is.

Catherinette Singleton said...

My sister has taught my 4 year old nephew to call people dirty hippies. I'm totally going to send him your way. :)

Prefers Her Fantasy Life said...

Suzie - It's totally RAD/NOW/GROOVY/PLUUGGED IN Hippie!

Catherinette - I'm only dirty in the "fun" way.

Sue said...

I totally want to be a MacHippie. Where do I start? Do I have to be a Democrate?

Matt said...

That's really it a looped video feed?
Make sure to bring an extra set of batteries.

Honeybell said...

My ex-boyfriend whom I almost married used to hang out with Jeff Tweedy way back when. They played a lot in Kansas City. Whenever you post about them, it makes me think of him and all of his ass-ish qualities. Thanks for that.


Prefers Her Fantasy Life said...

Sue - Sorry. I think you need to be left of the Democratic party.

Matt - Ah, I-Pods don't take batteries. You charge them on MAC computers. But point taken. Thanks.

Honeybell - You mean your ex's ass-ish qualities, right? Because my Jeff Tweedy (Farm Aid, Obama supporter) is anything but ass-ish. But, ya, sorry about that. Come here at your own risk, I guess. ;)

Vodka Mom said...

right on.

Shieldmaiden96 said...

Two things:

1. I apologize for jumping to the conclusion that showing your 'ultimate appreciation' would involve flashing your ta's. And not a lighter. Your lighter is cool. I'm sure your ta's are too.

2. I saw Black 47 in 1991 at the Chestnut Cabaret in Philadelphia, a few months before I went to do my college internship in Belfast. Me and a giant guy in a kilt were wearing the same IRA t-shirt.
They were awesome.