Saturday, December 27, 2008

Mixed Blessings This Season

Not that I'm all materialist or anything, but I got some great gifts this holiday.

A few days before Christmas, my Secret Santa, Chas at My Neurotic Spot, got me this beer cozy because she knows how much I enjoy my hoppy times:

On Christmas day, my family got me these pint glasses because they know how much I enjoy my hoppy times:

And on the day after Christmas, at 9:15 am to be precise, just a few minutes before they closed the highway due to the ice storm, and just ten minutes before returning home on the back roads and helping not one, not two, but three drivers who had gone off the road into ditches, I got this:

Another licensed driver in my family.

My son!!  

Who now at 16 can do what he could never do before--run over his own bike in the driveway.

Which means I'm going to need to put those other hoppy gifts to good use. And fast.

Cheers everyone!!!


Oh, and I also got this nice little baby a few days before Christmas, too. Thanks Kirsten of The Soccer Mom Files. You rock!!

In the spirit of the season I will pass this award on to five terrific bloggers. While some of them may not be all materialistic by collecting awards, their writing inspires me and they definitely deserve a shout out:

Doug at the Taunt Vortex

Ms Picket of Post a Picket Fence

FADKOG of For a Different Kind of Girl

Jenn of Of Cabbages and Kings

Unfinished Dude of Unfinished Rambler

Even though some of them are undistinguished, there are more award-winning writers at Humor-Blogs.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout out. And my thoughts are with you, regarding that newly licensed driver thing and all.

And those Beatle glasses rock. My family got me this case (well, 12 beers) of six different varieties of beers, so there's been some hoppiness in my Holidays too :)

Have a great new year.

Anonymous said...

Thanks also for the shout out, and how you included another humor writer in there in the links (sneaky).

Are you sure you have enough glasses? I think you might need a lot more with the news about your son. Great photo of you pulling your face back, by the way. ;)

Meg said...

Doug - I'm reaching through the internet to toast you!

Unfinished Dude - You know that isn't me. I'm into plunging necklines, not turtlenecks. Cheers!

ML said...

Love the pint glasses! Actually, I love the cozy too.
And my sympathy to you with the teen driver. With two in the house, the grey hair started coming in by the boatloads! (at least my husbands.)
Dean looks forward to "cruisin" with the cousins.

Unknown said...

Hoppy times, I like it.

And Doug's right, those Beatles glasses rock ...

Chat Blanc said...

A teenage driver?? Yikers! You do deserve a drink. ;) Cheers!

Meg said...

ML - Cruising with the cousins? It'll never happen. Let them doing their jamming on guitars.

Chris - Yes. They're great. I wonder how my family knew I'd like them.

Chat Blanc - Thanks. It's almost noon here.

April said...

I'm so not ready to think of my kids on the road. Hope you had a great Xmas, and Happy new Year to you.

JD at I Do Things said...

Hoppy times, hoppy times! Congrats on the new driver in your family (I hope) and on your cool new award. Hope you have a Happy New Year!

JD at I Do Things

Jen said...

Hope you are enjoying your holidays and your new gifts. Love the glasses!

sage said...

Just today, at lunch, my daughter told me about one of her cousins taking drivers ed. I told her we still have a few more years-then we're moving to a state or country where you have to be 21 to drive.

Anonymous said...

I'm getting one of those licensed drivers in February. I'm scared.

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

See what you've started. You gave it to Unfinished Rambler, he gave it to me and now I'm probably going to give it to somebody else. This thing is spreading faster than herpes!

Oh, and congrats on the new driver. Don't worry... in a few months you'll be glad he's got his license and you'll be sending him out for all kinds of things. It's like having your own personal gopher!

Unknown said...

Aw, thank you, Meg! Much appreciated-- and a really cute award, too.

for a different kind of girl said...

Thank you for the shout out! I'm very hoppy to receive it from you!

Reading you have a son who can drive now gave me the chills. I'm five years out from having one in this house and every time he so much as runs a remote controlled vehicle around this joint, I freak out!

Suzanne said...

The problem with a new driver being your gopher is they can't get you booze and cigarettes, which is what you're going to mostly need.

Restless Ink said...

THAT is scary - so sorry to hear about your 16 yr. old and the driver's license. I don't know what I'm going to do 14 years from now when I have the same situation! AAAGH!

Meg said...

April, JD, Jen - Thanks. And Hoppy Holidays to you as well.

Jeff - Sorry. Feel free to give it back to me if you want. I need all the love I can get. And now I've said too much.

Jenn- You're welcome. Great blog you got there!

FADKOG - Yes, enjoy the tracks on the floor and walls. At least those can be cleaned up easily.

Sue - I know, dammit!

Restless - Yes, but the good news is that 16-year olds have better taste in music than 2-year olds.

Meg said...

Sage - While you're at it, move to a state with no boys, too.

Ed said...

You are about to be removed from my blog roll!!! It’s nothing personal…I’m restarting for 2009 this Thursday. Were you at the top of the list in 2008? If not, here’s your chance to be. A single comment gets you on my blog roll. Keep commenting and you’ll stay at the top. Hope to see you in 2009!

Michael from said...

That's terrifying indeed. Good luck!

Schmoop said...

Love the beer cozy, but I feel for ya on the kid driving. Cheers Meg, and Happy New Year!!

Unknown said...

Hoppy times are always good things. Don't worry, I'm sure your son always does the speed limit.

Happy New Year! (and best wishes for many hoppy times.)

MsPicketToYou said...

DUDE! Best. present. ever.