Monday, October 20, 2008

Couch Surfing Mom -- Me, Meg

My name is Meg.

And I'm a Couch Surfer

The first time I surfed a couch was February 2008 in Chicago.  Unbeknownst to me, I ended up in the Jesus People Commune, the largest commune in the USA, sleeping with a white rabbit who watches Dawson's Creek.

As you can imagine, it was an awesome experience as chronicled in my Couch Surfing Chicago Style.

But being a member of The Couch Surfing Project, which is creating a better world one couch at a time, is more than just sleeping with white rabbits. It's also about hosting fellow rabbits, I mean, travelers.

Here are some of the requests I've received:

A 21-year old guy, whose photo shows a clean-cut kid in a suit, expressed an interest in getting together with me sometime when he’s in town to talk about writing.

Of all the couch surfing profiles on all the internet sites in the all world, he walks into mine.

Dude, I wrote back. I’m OK with talking about writing. But just so you know, I’m a lot older than you and much more hippie-like.

His reply: 

That's funny, the suit isn't an accurate depiction of me, but i must maintian a proffesional image while working in Real Estate. In reality my life is in duality w/ internal urges leading to a sustainablelifestyle. And i love hippys, as long as their genuine.

I’m not sure what his internal urges are, but I almost wanted to tell him he’d appear more professional by hitting up a proofreader and using the heck out of her. 

After that I got a message from another 21-year old--this one from Switzerland.

How are you?? Your descrbition and your photo is very

Sympathetic? Yep, that's me.

He continues: 

I have time for 10 days. Which one is the nearest
airport from Toledo?? Cincinnati? It would be great if
you host me. If you must work during the day no
problem. I think I will rent a car and discover Ohio.

Is this guy coming all the way to the states to hang with me (if I’m not working) and discover Ohio?

I mean, I love your Swiss chocolate, but Ohio’s a red state. What more do you need to know?

I also received a request from a guy who lives on the second farm on the right:

Honor to meet you.
I am Tom from Marysville, Ohio. I live on my fathers 700 acre farm.
Ya, i teel to Toledo. I don't know where Bradner, Ohio is. You look very young for your age.... I taking a vacation first of Nov and i not sure what i want to do. I thinking of going to Windsor.. Maybe for the good food.
So,,, may i could stop in Toledo and have dinner with you.... What you think?? I don't think i could sleep on a couch with someone i don't know.

Windsor for food? Sleeping on a couch with someone he doesn’t know?  I’m sure special needs people require couches to crash on too, but my house is brimming with crazies already.

Of course no couch surfing resume is complete without a request that will put you on the FBI list. Here’s what I received from a guy in Iran:

You should know I am quite gentle, friendly, easygoing, and open minded (see my profile please, which I would later update), and certainly not a dangerous religious fanatic or even a spammer! I am saying this because I am from Iran and this fact alone
I am sure will frighten and scare away many (maybe not you) on this web site from even replying my messages now and in future, let alone meeting in person.

your profile caught my attention because: you are on the same age group as I you are a writer (good, professional writers have
always intrigued me, especially females writing non-fictions) you are very well travelled your peaceful, beautiful face in that photo.

Yep, that’s me peaceful and beautiful. And a female writing non-fictions.

I really need to go back and read my profile.

Or change my photo.


STAY TUNED: The Couch Surfer I said yes to.

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Chris Wood said...

So ... you get all these offers from weirdos? Damn I feel so insulted! I don't get anything like that.

What am I doing wrong?

Unless these were Really Subtle attempts at seduction?

Prefers Her Fantasy Life said...

Chris - It's your face, dude. There's anguish in it (even though your heart is peaceful).

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Okay, so this is making me a little less enthusiastic about the couch surfing project. Ick.

But you're welcome to couch surf here any time, lol.

Suzie said...

Oh I didn't realize we could all camp out on your couch. I'm on my way and I'm bringing my two kids with me.Oh and my dog. You don't mind watching them do you? ;)

JD at I Do Things said...

The world of couch surfing intrigues me. But I could never allow anyone with such bad spelling and grammar into my house.

You do look very peaceful and beautiful. May I sleep on your couch? I would bring my own pillow . . .

JD at I Do Things

Deb said...

"Sympathetic"?? Those were a riot!
Couch surfing? Never heard of it before. I don't even let my own relatives sleep on my couch.

If you get the urge, head on over to my blog where YOU have won an award!

Ms Picket To You said...

you look very young for age.

(i felt i must repeat that.)

also, I think the dude on the farm is Amish.

Prefers Her Fantasy Life said...

Jen - Couch Surfing, like any other organization, has its share of crazies. But they also have sane members, too. Like me.

Suzie - You are more than welcome, but I've already visited the court once because of my black lab. So beware.

JD - Thank you. Me sofa es tu sofa.

Deb - A reward for me? You rock!

Ms. Picket - Thanks. But this is what MY AGE looks like! And an Amish couch Surfer? I think that's a new blog idea!!

Anonymous said...

Don't laugh, Meg. But growing up, I was fans of a Christian rock band called Resurrection Band that was started out of Jesus People USA (referring back to your other post, heh, I also like your links-- and sorry, I didn't include this one, my reader must be wonky because I missed this post).

As for this post, well, I think peaceful wouldn't be the right word to describe you. Obviously didn't read about you getting belligerent with that guy at the bar.

for a different kind of girl said...

I am on the edge of my seat for the next installment!

A Free Man said...

Man, I consider myself a pretty trusting person with a fair bit of faith in human nature. But I'm not sure I would let strangers sleep on my couch. Kudos to you!

Prefers Her Fantasy Life said...

Unfinished - I love ya, but did you have to bring that up?

FADKOG - OMG. Another Part II. The pressure.

A Free Man - This is where we differ. I have no faith in human nature. I just enjoy living on the edge.

muskrat said...

you need to invite some of these folks over, just for a good posting!

and btw, sorry i lied about being from iran. i just figured it'd sound exotic.

Manager Mom said...

This stuff is priceless. Especially the last guy. "I am NOT a psycho! I can assure you that I would NOT lock you in a dark basement and slowly dismember you! No sirree!"

Anyhoodle, I also wanted to drop by to say that I have officially shut down my blog for job search purposes, and wanted to thank you for all of your reading and commenting and general hilarity. I will try not to be a stranger here at your place, and wish you all the very best.

Sorry, would have emailed but couldn't seem to locate your email address.

Jennifer aka Manager Mom

Kay said...

I found your blog (not even sure how anymore) and have been reading it for the last hour… amazing! I love it! I keep giggling to myself and having my co-workers say “are you okay?”

I will definitely be back to hear more about your couch surfing adventures.


Kirsten said...

Just wondering...
How long would it take me to, "discover Ohio"? ...and can I stay on your couch. I don't have any questionable internal urges that I know of!

My Name is Cat said...

Face it -- you are one hot mama with legions of couch surfing guys as fans.

Mike Todd said...

All this time, I thought I was couch surfing. Turns out, I was just couch SITTING. I've attracted hardly any weirdos that way, not counting my wife.

Funny post -- glad I stumbled onto your blog.

Prefers Her Fantasy Life said...

Muskrat - If only I had known.

Jennifer - I am so sorry you're leaving us. Oh well, we'll always have Twitter. Good luck with the job search.

Kay - Thank you very much. You can surf my couch anytime.

Kirsten - No urges? Well, honey, let's work on that!!

Cat - But I feel like I should be offering ESL on the side.

Mike - Thank you. Couch sitting works as well. As long as there are adult refreshments.

Sassy said...

I fulfilled (or hopefully did so) your request on my blog. Let me know what you think!

bejewell said...

This post was SO not about what I thought it was going to be about. Still, I am sympathic to your plight.

Jenn Thorson said...

Wow, this is more colorful than Facebook!