Friday, September 12, 2008

Unfinished Dude Prefers his Fatasy Life With....

Howdy there! I’m Unfinished Dude from Unfinished Rambling(s). If you saw Meg’s last post, you know she’s off at a Toronto International Film Festival for a few days stalking Mark Ruffalo, Viggo Mortenson and Colin Farrell while watching whichever movies are closest to the pubs. In the interim, she’s asked me to guest post.

…Steffi Graf, Ken’s Chipotle Ranch dressing and Giga pens.

It might seem like an odd combination about which a person would have fantasies, but let me explain.

Steffi Graf

Steffi Graf: It’s destiny that Stef and I should end up together eventually.

No, this is not the talk of just any random stalker. This is the talk of a random stalker who happens to have the same exact birthdate as June 9, 1969 as Stef…

…er….OR so I thought from a Wimbeldon broadcast years ago until I just Googled her birthdate a few minutes ago and learned that her birthdate is actually JUNE 14! ARGH!

However, five days difference. No, big deal, it’s still destiny and if not, The Wife (of all people) helped me out and told me that Natalie Portman and Gloria Reuben also were born on June 9…although not the same year, but hey, they’re hot too, so that’s all right.

Ken’s Chipotle Ranch salad dressing: I’ve written about it in great detail here and here/, but suffice to say this is the crack of salad dressings. Unfortunately, Ken isn’t selling it retail. If like me, you would like to see Ken start selling it retail, I encourage you to contact them here:

would have included a picture of the dressing in a container, but alas, Ken’s doesn’t even have that available online. It’s the best kept secret in salad dressing!


Giga pens: These pens are the most incredible pens EVER! Unfortunately ScriptoUSA doesn’t make them anymore--- even though they still have a page on the company website, with this glowing description (which by the way with which I wholeheartedly agree, I couldn't have said it better myself):

The most unique ballpoint pen available. The Giga Pen has a 1.6mm ball size for extra smooth writeability and broad, bold strokes. A contemporary transparent barrel design and finished with a rubber comfort grip this pen is ideal for those who want their words to be noticed. Available in black, blue and red ink. Available in Twin Pack.

The only place I have been able to find them online is HERE although the supplier there, to whom I have talked personally on the telephone (yes, I’m that obsessed), has told me they have a different name on them and although I haven’t yet ordered them, because I’ll be honest, I’m po’ and can’t afford them yet.

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Meg said...

Yes, odd indeed.

Anonymous said...

Odd.. For sure.


Those do look like fancy pens...

Anonymous said...

Meg: I'm not the only one who is odd and prefers his Giga pens. I'll be writing a post in the near future (most likely by tomorrow) about others who share my obsession.

Sarah: They really ain't that fancy, but they're very functional, which is always good when you're using a pen. ;)

Suzie said...

hmm nice pens

Shieldmaiden96 said...

While I don't claim to understand Himself's penchant for angular German girls with big noses and tiny boobies, I can attest to the Cadillac smoothness of the Giga pen. And the spicy ranch excellence of Ken's chipotle ranch. And the pending awkwardness of explanation when I ask Himself to explain what he means by 'destined to be together eventually'.

日月神教-向左使 said...