Monday, June 16, 2008

The True Value of a Family Vacation

Gas from San Diego to Williams, Arizona 74.00
Best Western with necessary hot tub for major headache 164.00
Entrance to Grand Canyon National Park 25.00
Must have tees and shot glasses 123.40
Ten-Year Old locking himself in the bathroom-- Priceless

Gas from the Grand Canyon to Durango, Colorado 68.00
Mining in Silverton for gems from neighboring Midwest town 32.00
Must have tees and shot glasses 31.60
Adult Refreshments at local Silverton Brew Pub 44.12
Teen locking keys in the car-- Priceless

White water rafting (where kids are suddenly considered adults) 125.00
Additional tip and photo 40.00
Starbucks Frappacino bribe in exchange for Daughter agreeing
to raft through 52 degree water 4.75
Steamworks micro brews bribe in exchange for Wife agreeing
to raft through 52 degree water 38.00
Teen locking key card in hotel room-- Priceless

Entrance to Mesa Verde National Park 20.00
Number of car sick people on switch backs 4
Must have tees and shot glasses 27.89
Tour of cliff dwelling 15.00
Daughter in full-fledge panic at ladder down cliff in
98 degree temperature requiring Parent (me) and
Daughter to wait in 120 degree van for 66 minutes-- Priceless

Must Have Adult Refreshments in Cortez-- Priceless
Must Have Adult Refreshments in Flagstaff-- Priceless
Must Have Adult Refreshments in Sedona-- Priceless

Advancing my ratings at Humor-Blogs Priceless

Stay tuned for return trip to California in which I will attempt to stalk John Cusack with family in tow!!!


Alice said...

Sounds like a blast! I say 'All-Inclusive Resort' next time. With fruity drinks and hot pool boys.

Ms Picket To You said...

i can totally see this as a new commercial for Mastercard. Or maybe Xanax. Or maybe Colt 45.

Tina said...

This is all so familiar! Your last name isn't Griswold, is it? Very funny stuff! I hope you have time to recover from this vacation before the next one starts...

Shelley said...

It's familiar to me because I'm a native of Arizona! Did you guys take the Train from Williams to the Grand Canyon? We did was fun. Drinks in Sedona? Absolutely priceless. :) Did you buy any crystals from a psychic there? You need drinks for that.

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Um... sounds like a priceless vacation indeed. I'm with Alice.

Brent Diggs said...

Sounds like your travel entourage should include a locksmith.

Bee said...

HOLY SHITE!! Sounds like expensive fun!

gaining some lb's said...

Adult refreshments are a must.
say it again
Adult refreshments are a must.