Monday, May 19, 2008

Got Songs for Parents Who Do Drugs?

I do. And If the curriculum in your neighborhood school is anything like mine, your kid will be asking the you the BIG QUESTION. Hamell has some advice for inquiring minds.

I got a kid?
I got a kid.

Are you going to tell him the things you did?
Tell him the truth about your sordid youth?
If he wants to know, did you do blow?
Did you get high and listen to the stereo?

Pops, when's the first time you did a drug crime?
I smoked my first jay on my eleventh birthday
And high school exams, how'd stay up to read?
The kid across the street dealt in excellent speed.


And Dad, you courted Mom, how'd you make her your own?
We'd drink a lot of vodka and do methadone
So when he asks me about my past, and did I get high?
I've been seriously thinking about my reply

I'm going to lie
I'm going to lie
I'm going to lie
I'm going to lie
I'm going to lie
Dad, did you ever do drugs?
No way!

I'm sure the burning question in your head is, does this chick ever listen to anything besides Hamell on Trial? The answer is yes. So stay tuned for Wilco Week in which I Couch Surf my way to Jeff Tweedy.

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Jen of A2eatwrite said...

This is totally great stuff! You know, Meg, I can't ever get the humor blogs thing to work. I've tried signing up/signing in, etc. Otherwise I'd be in there voting for you!

Meg said...

Thanks, Jen. But just clicking the link is all you have to do.

Mariposa said...

I've to come back for the video...I'm at work right a conference call in fact! LOL

Well, I don't have to lie to my children though...bec IT Guy and I never tried drugs at all...fortunately or unfortunately...LOL We drink...we used to smoke...and that's all. Does traffic violations count? I have lots of those...and oh, parking tickets!

Have a nice week!

You have an interesting collection...maybe you can write about one day... ;)

Cruise Mom said...

I can honestly tell my daughter that no, I never tried drugs. But there are a lot of other questions I hope she doesn't ask me!

Interesting collection... I recognize them all but the one on the left...

Ms Picket To You said...

I worked twelve years in the music business. Sex (not so much, was married), drugs (maybe) and rock and roll (um yes). All adds up to my daughters saying "my mom was in the Beatles." And I think we should just, y'know, leave it at that.

But yeah, Wilco? Bring it on. Because Tweedy is my secret (to him) boyfriend.

Candance said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! This is very timely stuff.

I lie to my kids all the time and try to give them different answers (to the same questions) every time they ask me questions I don't want to answer. I usually slip the true answer in there eventually, but they don't know which one of the lies is true. So, the drug question? I'll probably tell them the truth...they just won't know it.

ksd said...

Drugs? What drugs? I'm in favor of lying!

jennifer said...

I am so boring that I don't have to lie about the drugs. I have told them I drank, and that I was sorry I did (Lie here kind of - I was sorry when it made me sick). And the other stuff....?

Lie lie lie.


ML said...

I lie. I imply that I was the most goody goody around.

The young adults in the house have figured it out themselves. They know.

Great song!

Bee said...

Believe it or not, I didn't get drunk until I was 21. I didn't try my first joint until I was about 24 so I'd be golden if I had kids. ;o)

Unless they ask me about boys...

soccer mom in denial said...

How about the song for sex? Seriously - I've been having the "sex talk" with my kids and you would think I was a communist in this town.

HOW did these little cherubs come into being? Hmmmmm....?

Thanks for being part of Music Monday (written on a Tuesday :) ).

Queen Mutha said...

Love the song.