Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Really, Really Hard Not to be Pornographic

Attention Folks: This blog is about my fantasy life. Mine. No matter what the title might imply, they’re all mine.

It’s true I’ve posted a photo of a mistress, wrote a poem about orgasm fakers, included a video about Mayor Kilpatrick’s sexual/textual issues, and used the phrase “cleavage down to their navels” to describe a show my 10-year old was watching. But seriously people, John Cusack - how much more white bread can a fantasy be?

You see, in a desperate effort to build a readership, I’ve joined Link Referral—a site that allows other bloggers to review your site. And frankly, it’s validating to get an email each morning, ‘your site has been reviewed!’

But so far, the only reviewers have been: Bad Lad, 1 Joke a Day, Web Programming, and Bulgaria681. In the comment box where one is supposed to critique the blog, Bulgaria681 copied and pasted my very own blog description. So not only are these guys NOT visiting my site to read about my crazed and confused existence, some of them don’t even do English.

If only that other b-tch wouldn’t have beaten me to it, I could be the Suburban Subversive right this very minute (scroll down, newbies, scroll down).

I mean, it’s not like I asked for this kind of attention, is it?

It’s true that I titled a posting “Hard Not to be Pornographic.” And I did include a link to a female goth burlesque metal band performing in Victoria’s Secret-like apparel.

And then there was that link to Sara Silverman’s video ‘I’m F-ing Matt Damon.'

Maybe that’s why Goggle posted that brief ad for ‘real cheating housewives.’


Never mind.

But anyway, friends, you, yes, YOU can help generate some varied interest in my blog by commenting. Just click on the blue comment link below and go to it.

Yes, you PJ, Tracy, Andy...I mean RANDY, you Barb, Jill, Wendy, KRIS (with a blog debut on the horizon), Lisa, LISA again, another Lesa, Susan, the two Ros, Linda, Brian (yes, you, Fox), Gloey, AMY, Theresa L (no, not you, the other Theresa L) Emily, Mona, Mary B, MARY LEE, Andrea, (by the way, how's Phil?) Joanie, Jaquie, Cooper, and Carolyn--CAROLYN are you out there?

It's easy. It's free. And LISA, it's another way to 'stick it to the man' at work.

And just to show the Prefers Her Fantasy Life voyeurs I'm a good sport, I'm posting the photo of Governor Spitzer's mistress again.

Enjoy! And don't forget to comment.


Emily said...

Peggie, I'm really enjoying the blog! I've never known a blogger before. Plus I hadn't seen the Jimmy Kimmel response to Sarah's indiscretion. Too, too funny.

I can't wait for Paul to stop reading...

Emily :)

Meg said...

Thank you, Emily. I love you.

Kris Downey said...

Thanks for the "Meg Alert" I'm a faithful reader and soon will be debuting my Peg, er I mean Meg-inspired blog.

Darrin said...

Fitting in a little blog hopping at the end of my busy day. Thanks for hopping by Dad's Dish! Always good to hear from beer enthusiasts with good taste.

Ramblin' Red said...


My adoptive "mum" (a delightful, redheaded Brit) always tells me "The world needs more redheads!" so you deserve props for helping the problem!

Thanks for stopping by - and yeah, cleavage usually does take the focus off of excess weight, lol. Thanksfor the tip.

Alonso81 said...

very good blog...

elasticwaistbandlady said...

In my fantasy life, I live in a compound in the middle of nowehere with my family and completely off any governmental grid.

Except we're within 30 minutes of a grocery store where I can stock up on Cocoa Pebbles cereal and Reeses.

Meg said...

Sounds good to me. But I need some Ben & Jerry's!

timbury said...

You're a hoot! Really! You should be down at Hooter's! I love this blog. I'll probably never see it again, because I don't even have time to see my own, but it's funny and smart and has a sexy author. What more could anyone want? See you on the Buzz, beautiful.