Monday, April 28, 2008

FAQ About Meg's Silly, Sassy, Some-Would-Say-Sex-Obsessed Alter-Ego

Q A few weeks ago you posted a photo of several six packs of expensive beer. Do you really drink that much?

A You mean this one?

Yes, I did post that photo.

Q Are those your dolls in the masthead?

A Yes. I have a large collection of memorabilia dolls ranging from Barry Goldwater to Barry Gibbs.

Q Was it difficult deciding which ones to photograph?

A OMG, yes. Like, we had several shoots and like, I was faced with all these tough decisions like, which Kiss member to go with, do I use a dead Beatle or one who's still alive, will Sonny make the final cut?

Q Is it true you’re a groupie?

A How do you define groupie?

Q Is it true you received only one birthday gift?

A Actually I received one gift ON my birthday. A few days later, out of sympathy I guess, one good friend gave me some great beads and my Blogger Buddy Kris presented me with a cool wire sculpture of the Empire State Building.

Q Who would you rather do - Mark Ruffalo or Colin Farrell?

A And I’m desperately searching for a tiny plastic ape to put on top that wire Empire State Building.

Q Are you always this unfocused?

A I’m still drunk.

Q Do you think you hide behind a mask?

A Ruffalo or Farrell? Dude, do I seem like a person who limits herself?

Q Why do you keep posting that picture of former Governor Spitzer’s mistress?
A This one?

Q Is it true that you went Couch Surfing in Chicago?

A Anyone know where I can get a tiny plastic ape?


April said...


Honeybell said...

My favorite thing about this blog is how forthcoming and direct you are.


EmmaK said...

Who would you rather do - Mark Ruffalo or Colin Farrell?
I'm not surprised your alter-ego didn't answer this...because any red blooded woman would take both, with a side helping of guiness on the side.

Alice said...

I think a 'Barrel of Monkeys' monkey would suit your new toy. Or see how many you can get on there. And take a shot between putting each one on.

ksd said...

Don't you love that wire sculpture of the Empire State Building??? It should COME with a tiny gorilla!