Saturday, June 7, 2008

Family Vacation, an Oxymoron

Meltdown #1 -- We are walking along the Pacific to Venice Beach and Ten-Year Old has one thing on his mind: chicken wings.

Meltdown #2 -- Teenage Son needs his caffeine fix and he needs it now!!!!

Meltdown #3 -- We find a place with wings and Dr. Pepper, but Vegetarian Daughter cannot eat the fries we agreed to share because, OMG, they are on a plate with a dead animal.

Meltdown #4 -- Ten-Year Old wants to return to the hotel and play Webkinz on the computer.

Meltdown #5 -- Vegetarian-But-Non-Vegan-Daughter needs ice cream and she needs it now!!!

Meltdown # 6 -- Teenager wants to know why we can't give him money so he can wander by himself and buy Bob Marley accessories.

Meltdown # 7 -- Webkinz, ice cream, Rastafarian! Now!

Repeat. Every. Minute.

At very loud volume.

With random walk stoppages.

Meltdown #8 -- Husband says I am to blame for spoiling our children and therefore he won't be going with us to Universal Studios tomorrow.

Meltdown #9 -- There is no meltdown #9 because after we get back to the hotel, I take a Xanax and go to bed.

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