Friday, April 18, 2008

Flashback Friday: Drinking While Blogging

Disclaimer: I’m not usually this whiny. Well, I guess that’s open for debate.

Anyway, last Friday I crashed the party at Bloghoppers where you hop from blog to blog and leave witty, insightful comments. Since drinking is encouraged while doing this, I was all over it.

Started at 5:30 and for three hours straight, I blogged and drank (Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA with 9% alcohol).

In short, after three hours I was typing comments with one eye shut cause I was seeing double. (Thank God for the red spell check line)

Anyway, the blogs I read ranged from beer recommendations to a rape. I have to say, it was all very addicting, but I felt a bit sad that I was having a virtual Friday out instead of a real Friday out (and sad about the rape, of course).

OK, so after three hours of drinking and blogging alone,

three Friends showed up and we were drinking and talking and I was being the perfect host by engaging one Friend in conversation about home schooling and his son's hearing loss, being careful not to slur too much, and…

then I overheard Husband talking to Best Friend about…well, it all became a blur and I ended up quizzing Husband’s Best Friend on why he is opposed to my blog posting about MY SPOUSAL UNIT NOT BUYING ME A BIRTHDAY GIFT (if you want the whole pathetic story, scroll down…there’s pictures).

Turns out Best Friend doesn’t like the title of my blog and wonders why I prefer my fantasy life. I drink a bit more and tell him about life with four cars (one that works) and a leaky ceiling and kids who say they hate me, and a man, who after being urged by our kids (who weren’t hating me at that moment), refused to buy me a birthday gift. Several beers with 9% alcohol will do this folks.

Anyway, Husband left the room.

And I started to cry.

And Husband’s Best Friend sat next to me, put his arm around me and said really nice things, which I can’t repeat here.

And I cried some more.

And then in order to detract from my emotional meltdown, Best Friend’s Wife started to talk about the buckets of blood after she removed a dog’s spleen (don’t go contacting Peta—she has a license to do that).

In the interest of full-disclosure, Husband’s Best Friend and his Lovely but Blood-thirsty Wife did give me my one and only gift on my birthday – a wonderful basket from an antique shop.

And I’m just thinking out loud here…but if Spousal Unit and I split, and Best Friend and Wife go with him, does that mean I won’t get any presents?

So my point is: drinking while blogging is dangerous, but safer than drinking with friends in the real world.

And the cleanup the next day is a real pain.