Sunday, November 2, 2008

Pre Post Election Blues

You know how after a major event like a vacation, the World Series, a play or recital you've appeared in, a Wilco concert, you start to get the blues?

Well that is happening to me with this election--and the election isn't even over.

Politics and eye-winking aside, I'm simply going to miss all the creative hoopla about the candidacy of Ms. MILF and Mr. Socialist. I've realized what a steady diet of this stuff I've lived on and am starting to mourn the void that can never be filled again. Stuff like the following that I ripped off other people's blogs:

Yard signs (Jen of A2eatwrite and my buddy Susan)

Photoshop Sports (my buddy Susan)

A kickarse interview with Sarah Palin and this kickarse photo (Bagwine Ruminations)

The personal endorsement of Opy, Andy and The Fonze (Riding With Rickey)

See more Ron Howard videos at Funny or Die

I'm voting Republican (I Need a Martini Mom)

The Daily Show's Understanding The Real American in Wasilla (Cooper)

A Vote Barack Rap by a lilly white guy (Post A Picket Fence)

Colbert's interview with the real Socialist candidate for president (Immoral Matriarch)

My Jeff Tweedy of Wilco on Colbert:

I mean, Wilco, Comedy, Politics--it's the best of all possible worlds.

What will I do when it ends on Tuesday?



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Ms Picket To You said...

My Jeff Tweedy as Minister of Culture? Ummmm? YES!

Anyway, Wednesday will be another day of writing more crap about bullshit and beer and carrying on all boring-like. I HOPE. The other option? Weeping over the keyboard with beer for months and months...

Awesome collection by the by.

A Free Man said...

LOve that Daily Show clip. But Obama as the heartless Tin Man? And Biden as the Cowardly Lion?

Hey, you can get a free live track from Wilco and Fleet Foxes from the Wilco website if you pledge to vote.

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Um... yeah, what she said. Hope I'm laughing with my beer and not weeping into it.

Great links/humor, etc., etc.

Chris C said...

You bring up a great point...this was a once-in-a-lifetime-thing to blog about but not because people say it is the most important election ever but rather that when the next big one comes in 2012 most of us will have moved on from blogging or there will be some other form of online communication.

In 2004 there were websites. In 2008 there were blogs. Who knows what it will be in 2012.

Paige said...

Wednesday you can start reading about how the sky is falling again-from the losing side, whoever that may be.

I suspect I will be hung over as I have many rounds to make to election parties for candidate friends--I am hoping to miss the national news altogether!

Chris Wood said...

A great round up of clips there Meg.

The "I'm voting Republican" one had me in stitches.

Matt said...

I cannot wait to see Olbermann and O'reilly melt back into obscurity.

I'll be glad when I'm not being pandered to....just kidding, I like that.

My Name is Cat said...

I'm soooo ready for this to be over.

Deb said...

Geezer/Dingbat sign - now THAT I would put front and center in the yard!

sage said...

Great videos there--I had the Ron Howard one on my blog--he gave me hope that i too can one day have a full head of hair again!

David said...

As much as I'm totally sick of the perpetual ad wars, I've been enthralled with the Daily Show, Colbert Report and Tina Fey on SNL.

Yes, I will miss this era. Although I'm betting that the next president may well give enough fodder to replace the Dubya era of broadcast ridicule.

I'm petrified my guy won't win but we'll see in 24 hours.

April said...

I'll just go back to trashing Bush for his remaining 70-something days in office...(plus, the holidays are coming! Plenty of blog-fodder there.)

Formerly Fun said...

Great roundup of clips and pics. I'm going to be gladish when it's over. I'll miss SNL but not all of the tv poitico advertising. What to do afterward? Hmmm, harder one.

Matt-Man said...

I too ponder what I will do after the election. Although, if Geezer/Dingbat happen to win, I think I'll have plenty of antics to write about. Thanks for the shout out. Happy Election Day, Meg. Cheers!!

Suzie said...

I think Ill gte my toe nails painted

Needless To Say said...

That Ron Howard video is so cool...Opie would never lead us down the wrong path, nor would Fonzie.

VE said...

I think on Wed they start running for the next election...